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Laboratoire Angevin de Recherche en Ingénierie des Systèmes

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    Scientific activities

    Phd Students

    Phd Students

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    Phd Students at the LARIS

      Ahmad Ali (co-direction with the CREATIS in Lyon)
    Simulation and Machine Learning for chromatin phenotyping through 3D Lattice Light-Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy.
    (Dir. of thesis: D. SARRUT (CREATIS, Lyon); co-directors: C. FRINDEL (CREATIS, Lyon), D. ROUSSEAU)

      Azar Thérèse
    Development of strategy of control for the systems described by partial derivative equations.
    (Dir. of thesis: L. AUTRIQUE; co-supervisors: E. MOULAY (XLIM, Limoges), L. PEREZ (LTéN, Nantes))

    Baez David
    Hospital staff planning.
    (Dir. of thesis: C. GUERET; co-supervisor: Odile BELLANGUEZ-MORINEAU (IMT Atlantique | LS2N))

    Bouterfif Salah
    Operational research and learning for the generic resolution of scheduling problems.
    (Dir. of thesis: C. GUERET; co-supervisors: V. BARICHARD (LERIA), M. COUSINEAU (HEC Montréal))

      Chahine Stéphanie
    Optimization of the reliability and the maintenance of the structures solicited by fatigue cracking.
    (Dir. of thesis: D. BIGAUD; co-supervisor: H. RIAHI

    Chopin Jérémy
    Structural knowledge, deep and reinforcement learning for image analysis.
    (Dir. of thesis: J.B. FASQUEL; co-supervisors: H. MOUCHERE (LS2N, Nantes) , R. DAHYOT (Trinity College, Dublin - IRLANDE))

    Courtin Paul
    Use of machine learning and modeling of dynamic systems for the optimization of conveyor systems within automated warehouses.
    (Dir. of thesis: J.B. FASQUEL; co-supervisors: M. LHOMMEAU, S. CONJARD (KNAPP))

    Debs Noëlie (co-direction with the CREATIS in Lyon)
    Machine learning applied to the prediction of the lesion of the ischemic AVC.
    (Dir. of thesis: C. FRINDEL (CREATIS, Lyon); co-director: D. ROUSSEAU; co-supervisor: T-H CHO (PHU, Lyon))

      Demas Josselin
    Study of the rhythm mu alpha and of the rhythm mu beta by high-density electroencephalogram ( EEG-HD) at the child with cerebral palsy and unilateral infringement spastique.
    (Dir. of thesis: M. DINOMAIS; co-director: P. VAN BOGAERT; co-supervisor: J.-M. LOUCHET (IFM3R))

    Douarre Clément (co-direction avec le LIRIS à Lyon)
    Embedded imaging for plants
    (Dir. of thesis: L. TOUGNE (LIRIS, Lyon); co-director: D. ROUSSEAU)

    Djoudi Meriem
    Impact of Lean Six Sigma on the customer knowledge management within the framework of a customer centric strategy: case of private and public enterprises.
    (Dir. of thesis: C. ROBLEDO; co-director: A. KOBI; co-supervisor: A. BENHABIB (Tlemcen university - Algeria))

    El Garrab Hamza
    Modelling and optimization of the costs of a supply chain of repairable items by exploitation of reliability data.
    (Dir. of thesis: B. CASTANIER; co-supervisors: D. LEMOINE (IMTA - previously École des Mines de Nantes), A. LAZRAK (GE Medical Systems))

    Espindola Winck Guilherme
    On stochastic filtering of max-plus linear systems.
    (Dir. of thesis: L. HARDOUIN; co-supervisor: M. LHOMMEAU)

    Gac Pierre
    Design and evaluation of educational virtual environments: application to the professional training.
    (Dir. of thesis: P. RICHARD; co-supervisors: S. GEORGE (Univ. Le Mans), E. RICHARD, Y. PAPOUIN (DEC Industrie))

    Garbouge Hadhami
    Embedded machine and deep learning for low-cost phenotyping.
    (Dir. of thesis: D. ROUSSEAU; co-supervisors: P. RASTI, N. SAPOUKHINA)

    Guzman Trujillo Luz Adriana
    Advanced Max+ Based Techniques in Optimization of Complex Dynamic Systems.
    (Dir. of thesis: S. LAHAYE, V. AZHMYAKOV (Universidad de Medellin - Colombie); co-supervisor: N. DELANOUE)

      Hannouch Aziza
    Neonate Bioheat and Mass Transfer in Closed Incubator.
    (Dir. of thesis: T. LEMENAND, K. KHOURY (Lebanese University); co-supervisor: F. KEYROUZ (Notre-Dame University - Liban))

    Herez Amal
    Renewable Energy: Status and Challenges, Economic and Environmental Concerns, Modeling and Case Studies.
    (Dir. of thesis: T. LEMENAND, H. EL HAGE (LIU - Liban); co-supervisor: M. RAMADAN (LIU - Liban))

      Hilal Mirvana
    Study of images texture from entropy measurements.
    (Dir. of thesis: A. HUMEAU-HEURTIER)

      Jamin Antoine
    Contribution to the study of driving and cognitive capacities of the old people by processing of multivariate data.
    (Dir. of thesis: A. HUMEAU-HEURTIER; co-director: P. ABRAHAM (CHU, Angers); co-supervisors: C. ANNWEILER (CHU, Angers), B. COSSE (COTTOS Médical))

    Jiang Chuhao
    User-centric optimisation and predictive control approaches of the performance of smart buildings.
    (Dir. of thesis: D. BIGAUD; co-supervisor: M.-L. PANNIER)

      Kassem Abdelkarim
    Web security intelligent robot avoiding hacking activities using data mining as parameters of intelligent algorithms.
    (Dir. of thesis: P. CHAUVET; co-director: B. DAYA (Pr. in the GRIT - Lebanese University); co-supervisor: M. SAADELDINE (GRIT - Lebanese University))

    Kossonou Alvarez
    Characterizing the texture of multispectral images of blood cells in optical microscopy: application for the diagnosis of malaria.
    (Dir. of thesis: B. SAHRAOUI (UA - MOLTECH, Angers), J. ZOUEU (INP-HB, Yamoussoukro, L2IS - Côte d’Ivoire); co-supervisor: A. CLÉMENT)

    Langard Morgan
    Bioinspired humanoid robot - Design and experimentation.
    (Dir. of thesis: N. DELANOUE; co-supervisors: Ph. LUCIDARME, R. GUYONNEAU)

    Liu Xian
    Design of Embedded Systems considering Reliability and Energy.
    (Dir. of thesis: M. BARREAU; co-director : S. PILLEMENT (IETR Nantes); co-supervisor: O. PASQUIER (IETR Nantes))

      Matoiri Chaibati Nadare
    Qualifying the durability of a concrete subjected to different aggressive environments.
    (Dir. of thesis: A. KOBI; co-director: D. BIGAUD; co-supervisor: H. COLINA)

    Menand Elena
    The search for new bio-markers for the therapeutic treatment of "pan-gyn" cancers through machine learning.
    (Dir. of thesis: P. CHAUVET; co-director: A. MOREL (Prof. at ICO); co-supervisor: N. JRAD)

    Milon-Harnois Gaelle
    Automatic detection and analysis of oscillations with high frequency of surface.
    (Dir. of thesis: P. CHAUVET; co-supervisors: N. JRAD, D. SCHANG (ESEO))

      Mjallal Ibrahim
    Phase change materials based cooling technique of different types of electronic packaging
    (Dir. of thesis: T. LEMENAND, M. HAMMOUD (LIU, Liban); co-supervisor: C. HABCHI (Liban))

      Molinero-Demilly Valérie
    Change management and quality management for a better dynamic research. Case of a laboratory
    (Dir. of thesis: A. CHARKI; co-supervisor: C. JEOFFRION (LPPL, Angers))

      Moradi Soraia
    Model and Control of discrete event systems with partial synchonization.
    (Dir. of thesis: L. HARDOUIN; co-supervisor: J. RAISCH (Berlin - Germany))

      Mouney Franck
    Analysis and classification of biomedical data from a connected sensor.
    (Dir. of thesis: M. DINOMAIS; co-supervisors: J.-B. FASQUEL, M.HALLAB (AXELIFE))

    Rebhi Mohamed
    Estimated reliability of the air sampling valves.
    (Dir. of thesis: B. CASTANIER; co-supervisors: L. SAINTIS, A. BEN ABDESSALEM, A. TINGUY (LIEBHERR))

      Samiei Salma
    Low-cost imaging, computer vision, and machine learning for the characterization of plants in individual and canopy scales.
    (Dir. of thesis: D. ROUSSEAU; co-supervisors: P. RICHARD, E. BELIN)

      Traon Christelle
    Place of an integrated quality approach type "RSE" in universities after the transition to "RCE".
    (Dir. of thesis: F. GUERIN, C. ROBLEDO)

      Zine El Abidine Mouad
    3D Computer Vision and Robotics for Plant Phenotyping.
    (Dir. of thesis: D. ROUSSEAU; co-supervisors: P. RASTI, H. DUTAGACI)