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Laboratoire Angevin de Recherche en Ingénierie des Systèmes

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    Demonstration of the reliability of the Carmat system



    Team: Reliability Engineering and Decision-Making tools


    Labeling: none

    Term: 37 months


    Funding: INOPROD


    LARIS staff involved: Mihaela BARREAU (Maître de conférence HDR), Fabrice GUERIN (PR), Abdessamad KOBI (PR), Bruno CASTANIER (PR), Laurent SAINTIS (Maître de conférence)

    Project partner : INOPROD


    We are currently developing a total artificial heart which can be defined as a mechatronic system. Reliability demonstration of such systems requires, especially for medical systems, long-term durability tests on a large number of entities for reaching a high confidence level. This classical system-based approach could be clearly improved by decomposing the system into subsystems, introducing expert knowledge, studying functionnal system architecture and collecting new reliability-related component information. Finally, we propose to design an overall reliability demonstration methodology for the optimization of a test plan at the system level based on an « a priori » system reliability evaluated on the respective reliability performance of all of the components.