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Laboratoire Angevin de Recherche en Ingénierie des Systèmes

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    Research projectEnjeu(x)

    Childhood and Youth


    Team: Information, Signal, Image Processing and Life Sciences


    Labeling: none

    Term: 5 years (2015 - 2019)


    Funding: Région Pays de la Loire


    LARIS staff involved: Paul Richard (paul.richard @ univ-angers.fr), Mickael Dinomais, Sylvie Nguyen, Emmanuelle Richard


    LARIS is working on axis 5

    • Childhood diseases, vulnerability and handicap
    • Child and youth health and the digital environment: solution or problem?
    • Medical construction of childhood and adolescence


    EnJeu[x], a unique research program

    EnJeu[x] Childhood and Youth is a research program carried by the University of Angers, funded by the Pays de la Loire region and approved by MSH Ange-Guépin.

    It federates a large consortium around the study of childhood and youth and aims to position itself as a recognized research network, nationally and internationally, on these issues bearing strong societal challenges for the future.

    The program management is provided by Yves Denéchère (University of Angers), and by three co-directors: Claudine Combier (University of Angers), Philippe Guimard (University of Nantes) and Patricia Lojkine (University of Maine).

    A complete consortium, from research to the socio-economic world

    EnJeu[x] brings together all language, humanities and social sciences laboratories of the Pays de la Loire working on the themes of childhood and youth, as well as laboratories in the fields of health, nutrition and the sciences of the engineer, ie 130 teacher-researchers and 17 laboratories. Nova Child, the only French network of companies promoting innovation for the well-being of children, completes this consortium as the main socio-economic partner. In the health sector, the Réseau Sécurité Naissance, an association promoting the regional network for monitoring vulnerable children "Growing together", completes this consortium.


    The ambition of the consortium is to position itself at 5 years as a recognized research network on the themes of childhood and youth, in connection with a visible training offer, structured and meeting the expectations of socio-economic partners of the sector. Five structuring themes are identified: Development, Education, Learning - Filiations, Families - Cultures, Imaginations, Mediation - Rights, Citizenship - Public Health Issues. These axes concentrate innovative scientific questions at the crossroads of complementary fields. They allow the consortium's different laboratories to work together to upgrade their research at the national and international levels, to build regional training that meets the needs of the sector and the potential for societal innovation.

    Knowledge and innovations for all

    The dissemination of scientific results is intended for a wide audience of professionals, local authorities, businesses, associations and citizens. Technical and societal innovations, first tested in the form of prototypes, will contribute to improving children's well-being, optimizing the services offered to them, enabling them to assert their word and fully exercise their rights.

    Collective and collaborative functioning

    EnJeu[x] is a multi-site program whose governance reflects the diversity of disciplines and partnerships. A collaborative document portal, currently under construction, will provide a single gateway to a wide range of resources and services.

    Website: http://enfance-jeunesse.fr/