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Laboratoire Angevin de Recherche en Ingénierie des Systèmes

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    Octopus Robots

    Octopus Robots

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    CIFRE Octopus Robots

    Design of a localization system and Simultaneous Mapping in uncertain environment.
    Phd Student: M. Vincent CUEILLE
    Director of thesis: Laurent HARDOUIN
    Co-supervisor of thesis: Rémy GUYONNEAU
    Co-supervisor of thesis: Sébastien LAGRANGE
    Industriel manager: Olivier SOMVILLE (CEO of Octopus Robots - Cholet)

    Beginning of thesis : 2018-2021
    Team : Dynamic and discrete events and Optimization
    Contact : laurent.hardouin @ univ-angers.fr, remy.guyonneau @ univ-angers.fr, sebastien.lagrange@univ-angers.fr

    Description of the project

    Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Systems (also known as SLAM) have been the subject of much research. Efforts are now focused on improving the robustness of these systems. A multitude of these uses only one source of information measuring the environment and one or more proprioceptive data such as the speed of the robot. By nature all proprioceptive data integrated over time lead to a drift. If the information from the environment comes to be wrong for any reason, then it is not possible to locate the robot precisely. In addition, not all sensors are able to perform reliable measurements in all contexts. In an uncertain environment it is necessary to use sensors of heterogeneous technologies. The objective of this thesis is to realize a system that is able to use several exteroceptive sensors and to verify the relevance of the data acquired upstream of a SLAM algorithm to guarantee a reliable localization in an uncertain environment.