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    Research project PARVIS

    Virtual reality platform for simulation and educational innovation


    Team: Information, Signal, Image Processing and Life Sciences


    Labeling: none

    Term: 16 months (03/01/2018 - 07/01/2019)


    Funding: Atlanstic RFI 2020


    LARIS staff involved: Paul Richard


    Project partners: Laurence Moisy and Philippe Violier (UFR Esthua), David Rulence and Ludovic Nieul (IUT Angers TC), Emmanuelle Caillard (UFR LLSH), Thierry Capelle and David Bigaud (Polytech Angers - BEMS), Françoise Monrichard (UFR Sciences - AGROCAMPUS), Jean-Louis Boimond (Polytech Angers  - SAGI)


    Project description

    This project is based on the virtual reality platform of ISTIA, which allows the immersion of one or more person (s) in EVs. The virtual reality platform also offers the possibility of immersing people in scenes incorporating videos 360.

    Project objectives
    • Development of an innovative pedagogical approach (VR technologies)
    • Motivation of students
    • Strengthening synergies between teachers (transversality)
    • Strengthening international attractiveness
    • Design, development and deployment of scenarios
    • Assessment of knowledge and skills acquired
    Educational scenarios and virtual environments

    Different scenarios are proposed, in collaboration with the partners.

    Tourism: reception and customer management, virtual immersion and 360 (hotel, camping, etc.) | L. Moisy, P. Violier (UFR Esthua)

    The hotel: training students to difficult situations (example: reception of public in difficulty). Film the welcoming's steps of  a client, with the campsite staff, practice different situations (real and virtual)

    Marketing: inventory management, gondola management, set up | D. Rulence, L. Nieul (IUT Angers TC)

    The virtual store: receiving, loading the trolley and shelving the products in the virtual store.

    Landscaping: urban greening, landscape management | E. Caillard (UFR LLSH)

    Green Power : development, site management, integration of vegetation in the city.

    Buildings and security: technical audits of buildings | T. Capelle, D. Bigaud (Polytech Angers - BEMS)

    Virtual buildings: exploration of buildings and identification of anomalies, annotations, collection of information.

    Vegetal : culture, germination and classification | F. Monrichard (UFR Sciences - AGROCAMPUS)

    Biolab : seed culture, rapid germination, classification.

    Industry : awareness, identification, risk management | T. Capelle (Polytech Angers - BEMS), J.-L. Boimond (Polytech Angers - SAGI)

    Virtual factory : Exploration of the environment and identification of anomaly and potential risks.