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    RObot MesUring LUX

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    Research project ROMULUX

    RObot MesUring LUX


    Team: Dynamic and discrete events and Optimization


    Labeling: none

    Term: 18 months (01/01/2020 - 01/07/2021)


    Funding: MPIA


    LARIS staff involved: Rémy Guyonneau, Franck Mercier


    Project partners: Cerema



    Summary and Objectives :

    Lighting measurements in ERPs (public reception facilities) are rarely carried out because they are too tedious to do manually. The respect of the normative thresholds relies then only on the good design of the installation by the lighting supplier. The ROMULUX project proposes to solve this problem by associating a mobile and automated photometric measurement with an interior or exterior spatial location. The Cerema/UEL team, with its expertise in sensors, has joined forces with the LARIS/SDO team, with its robotics expertise, to design a system that automatically provides a photometric maps of a place in order to be able to decide whether it complies with the normative thresholds. The project team identified the elements necessary for the construction of the robot. The development phase is planned in parallel with the calibrations of the various sensors. Finally, experiments will be carried out to validate both photometric and spatial measurements.