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    Inclusive, green and circular economy for unsold food collection and high value valorization



    Team: Reliability Engineering and Decision-Making tools


    Labeling: none

    Term: 37 months - from 01/09/2019 to 30/09/2022


    Funding: european


    LARIS staff involved: Cécile Gremy-Gros, Abdessamad Kobi, Hassen Riahi

    UA staff involved: Valérie Billaudeau (ESO, Polytech Angers), Nathalie Faisant (Polytech Angers), Pascal Crubleau (LAMPA, Polytech Angers), Hervé Christofol (LAMPA, Polytech Angers)

    Associated Resources: 1 PhD student (ESO) led by Emmanuel Bioteau, supervised by Valérie Billaudeau and Hervé Christofol, 12 months for an engineer, 6 trainees, 14 Polytech student projects planned

    other members of the consortium : Sésame Services (ESAT, France), TRAVIE (Belgique), Pour la Solidarité (Belgique)

    Actions and means involved:

    SFW aims at using the French solidarity network to collect, transform and recycle food waste, converted into edible food after being cooked or into animal feed when human food is not possible.

    1° A zero-carbon aiming at local collection

    2° Transformation into tasty food and feed

    3° Sales for profitable business

    4° Food Waste awareness raising

    5° Knowledge management for replication and impact spreading in Europe

    6° Assessment of the activity