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    Séminaire LARIS - 9 février 2016

    Séminaire LARIS - 9 février 2016

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    Séminaire LARIS - Yuki KUBOTA

    à 14h00 en salle du conseil à l'ISTIA

    Le 9 février 2016

    "Exploring the association between autonomic dysfunction and MCI using heart rate variability".

    Resume :

    Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is the stage between healthy and dementia (Alzheimer, etc.). It is impossible for dementia people to recover once you have it. But if MCI, it is possible for the patients to recover. Detecting MCI leads to prevent people from having dementia. To develop novel screening technology, I focus on Heart Rate Variability because we can identify autonomic dysfunction activities using it. My current research question is to explore an association between autonomic dysfunction and MCI using heart rate variability. 

    Yuki KUBOTA (born in Chiba, Japan, in Jun. 1992) received B.S. degrees in applied electronics from Tokyo University of Science, Japan in Mar. 2015. Since Apr. 2015, he has been a 1st year graduate student in applied electronics at Tokyo University of Science in Japan. His general research interests concern the development of novel technology for identifying Mild Cognitive Impairments (MCI) using virtual reality application.