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    5th Automatic Control Demonstrators

    5th Automatic Control Demonstrators

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    Automatic Control Demonstrators

    An IFAC 2017 special feature - from 9 to 14 July 2017 in Toulouse

    Among the innovative features of the 20th IFAC World Congress, contributions are most welcome to the special demonstrator paper category associated to an exhibition of demonstrators. The goal is to promote research or educational-oriented devices, innovative prototypes and attractive transfer of technologies towards high-tech enterprises. The exhibition will highlight the future applicative trends of automation and control. The main objective is to bring researchers interested in demonstrators, prototypes and experimental devices together to share results, attractive challenges and network.

    A dedicated team is in charge of the organization of this attractive exhibition and is available to help you with your specific needs required by your Demonstrator. Our team of researchers had already organized four successful workshops known as “Journées Démonstrateurs” and will provide you with experience and expertise.

    Such event is also co-sponsored by the “EEA club” which includes a wide community of French teachers and researcher in the framework of electrical and information engineering.

    The award of "Best Demonstrator Exhibition" will be presented by EEA club representative and will be selected by Demonstrators organization comittee and scientific comittee.

    If you are not able to move your demonstrator, please take into account that a video can be a quite attractive support…

    Some demonstrator topics

    The following non exhaustive list of topics provides examples of aimed demonstrator contributions.

    Process control demonstrators: any experimental device that illustrates recent achievements in control theory in a relevant way. Adaptive control, intelligent control, LPV systems, time-delay systems, hybrid systems, nonlinear systems, partial differential equation systems… could be sources of motivation.

    Advanced robotics: prototypes developed in laboratories related to microbotics, bio-inspired robots, autonomous robots, modular robots, healthcare, collaborative robots…

    Educational devices: numerous attractive devices have been developed to improve the learning process in academia or for professional degrees. Didactic methods underlying the proposed experimentation will be particularly emphasized, and direct relationship with research projects are most welcome.

    Popularization devices: videos and dedicated devices are beneficial to popularize control and automation research and to help researchers explain their work to non-specialists. Having such devices presented at the congress would be most valuable for the participants and could be part of an exhibition open to the public.

    Immersive multimedia: numerous aspects of virtual reality and mediated reality can be investigated, including sensory experiences and simulated environment. Multidisciplinary skills are often required for prototype development in many application areas, including military applications, art, archeology, gaming, therapy…

    Vehicles: autonomous cars and platoons, unmanned aerial vehicle, solar vehicles, autonomous robotic boats… A dedicated site for large scale demonstrators that need adapted infrastructure is pre-booked.

    Demonstrators for industry: multidisciplinary projects in which automatic control is at the crossroad of several scientific disciplines and offers original solutions for complex problems are most welcome. Innovative prototypes recently implemented in industrial environments will be emphasized.

    Software: demonstrators can include software tools for simulation, modeling, control design, etc.

    How to submit a Demonstrator paper…

    1. Choose the type of submission: contributed paper, contributed extended abstract …
    2. Select the category of presentation: Demonstrator Paper
    3. Upload your contribution

    Please pay attention to the following remarks…
    • You can organize “invited session” for exhibition of “Automatic Control Demonstrators”. Such sessions are limited to six papers and based on personal invitation by the organizers.
    • You can also propose “open invited tracks” with no upper limit on the number of papers.
    • Demonstrator contributions can be mainly focused on application aspects of control systems. For such presentations, we may suggest the “extended abstract” submission type. A specific international scientific committee will be in charge of evaluation of these contributions.

    If you intend to bring your demonstrator device to the world congress, please provide an additional document describing the needed space and needed infrastructure. Our staff will contact you in order to satisfy your specific needs.

    More Information on:
    Papers and all other proposals must be submitted electronically using the IFAC PaperPlaza conference manuscript management system:

    Oldies but goodies…

    The IFAC 2017 demonstrators' event is also part of a series of successful workshops periodically organized by the Angers Research Laboratory on System Engineering (LARIS) of the University of Angers, France. Four of these workshops, known as "Journées Démonstrateurs", have already been held, gathering both academic researchers and industrial participants from large groups and SMEs.

    See the previous program, photos, videos

    Our Open Invited Tracks :

    Exhibition of Demonstrators for Educational purposes in Control sciences (Code 3nr6q)


    Tools and demonstrators for Discrete Event and Hybrid Systems (Code f9s43)


    Demonstrator of reactive navigation and grasping in domestic environments with the Pepper robot (Code 317ba)



    Automotive Advanced Control Demonstrators (Code 56e4e)



    Mini-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Demonstrators (Code 4a6p1)





    Contact us (demonstrators @