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Laboratoire Angevin de Recherche en Ingénierie des Systèmes

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    Fil d'ariane

    Tuesday, July 11th

    Tuesday, July 11th

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    On Tuesday, July 11th from 1:30 pm till 6:00 pm

    in room “Handball”


    Supremica—An Efficient Tool for Large-Scale Discrete Event Systems
    Fabian Martin; Malik Robi; Akesson Knut; Flordal Hugo
    Göteborg and Stockholm, Sweden and Hamilton, New Zealand

    A Mixed-Boolean Hybrid Mathematical Model with Discontinuous States
    Margetts Rebecca
    Lincoln, United Kingdom

    A Tool Support to Distributed Control Synthesis and Grafcet implementation for Discrete Event Manufacturing Systems
    Qamsane Yassine; El Hamlaoui Mahmoud; Tajer abdelouahed; Philippot Alexandre
    Marrakech and Rabat, Morocco and Reims, France

    Formal Framework for Discrete-Event Simulation
    Albert Vincent; Foucher Clément
    Toulouse, France

    Sequence Planner: Supporting Integrated Virtual Preparation and Commissioning
    Dahl Martin; Bengtsson Kristofer; Bergagård Patrik; Fabian M.; Falkman Petter
    Göteborg, Sweden

    RMTool: recent enhancements
    Parrilla Luis; Mahulea Cristian; Kloetzer Marius
    Zaragoza, Spain and Iasi, Romania

    UltraDES - A Library for Modeling, Analysis and Control of Discrete Event Systems
    Alves Lucas Vinícius Ribeiro; Martins Lucas Rangel Rodrigues; Pena Patrícia N.
    Belo Horizonte, Brazil

    Using a Virtual Plant to Support the Development of Intelligent Gateway for Sensors/Actuators
    Toublanc Thomas; Guillet Sébastien; Frizon de Lamotte Florent; Berruet Pascal; Lapotre Vianney
    Lorient, France

    IdentifyTPN: a tool for the identification of Time Petri nets
    Basile Francesco; Chiacchio Pasquale; Coppola Jolanda
    Salerno, Italy

    A Tool for Deadlock Analysis of Parameterized-chain Networks
    Moodi Mojtaba; Zibaeenejad Mohammad Hadi; Thistle John G.
    Waterloo, Canada

    Dynamic Software Update of Stateflow Charts using Erlang Runtime System
    Roder Sebastian Q.; Provost Julien
    Munich, Germany

    DPO-SYNT: Discrete Control Synthesis for Partially-Observed Systems
    Yin Xiang; Morrison Maxwell; Sheng Siyuan; Lafortune Stephane
    Ann Arbor (Michigan), USA

    MinMaxGDJS : A web toolbox to handle periodic series in MinMax[gamma,delta] semiring
    Ferreira Cândido Renato Markele; Lhommeau Mehdi; Hardouin Laurent; Santos Mendes Rafael
    Angers, France and Campinas, Brazil