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Laboratoire Angevin de Recherche en Ingénierie des Systèmes

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    Some demonstrator topics

    The following non exhaustive list of topics provides examples of aimed demonstrator contributions.

    Process control demonstrators: any experimental device that illustrates recent achievements in control theory in a relevant way. Adaptive control, intelligent control, LPV systems, time-delay systems, hybrid systems, nonlinear systems, partial differential equation systems… could be sources of motivation.

    Advanced robotics: prototypes developed in laboratories related to microbotics, bio-inspired robots, autonomous robots, modular robots, healthcare, collaborative robots…

    Educational devices: numerous attractive devices have been developed to improve the learning process in academia or for professional degrees. Didactic methods underlying the proposed experimentation will be particularly emphasized, and direct relationship with research projects are most welcome.

    Popularization devices: videos and dedicated devices are beneficial to popularize control and automation research and to help researchers explain their work to non-specialists. Having such devices presented at the congress would be most valuable for the participants and could be part of an exhibition open to the public.

    Immersive multimedia: numerous aspects of virtual reality and mediated reality can be investigated, including sensory experiences and simulated environment. Multidisciplinary skills are often required for prototype development in many application areas, including military applications, art, archeology, gaming, therapy…

    Vehicles: autonomous cars and platoons, unmanned aerial vehicle, solar vehicles, autonomous robotic boats… A dedicated site for large scale demonstrators that need adapted infrastructure is pre-booked.

    Demonstrators for industry: multidisciplinary projects in which automatic control is at the crossroad of several scientific disciplines and offers original solutions for complex problems are most welcome. Innovative prototypes recently implemented in industrial environments will be emphasized.

    Software: demonstrators can include software tools for simulation, modeling, control design, etc.