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Laboratoire Angevin de Recherche en Ingénierie des Systèmes

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  • COMERT : Coupling Maintenance Optimisation and Technician Routing
  • SOLIFOODWASTE : Develop an industry to reduce food waste by creating jobs for people with disabilities
  • CoLoC : Development of individualised predictive models of Thermal Comfort for Connected Housing
  • BIoT : RFI WiSE project, Building & Internet of Things | Optimisation and predictive control of the performance of intelligent buildings based on usage
  • BEBAC : project funded by the research commission of the University of Angers, Environmental Performance of Connected Buildings
  • LifeLongEMC : RFI WiSE project, Modélisation prédictive de l’évolution des performances CEM en transitoire des circuits intégrés sous contraintes environnementales et liées au cycle de vie
  • RECOME : Pays de la Loire Regional Project, Reliability of Electronic COmponents for MEdical devices
  • LIEBHERR : Reliability of electro-pneumatic air sampling valves
  • CARMAT : Demonstration of the reliability of the Carmat system