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Laboratoire Angevin de Recherche en Ingénierie des Systèmes

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OIC Research Project

Licence artistic creation and digital technologies


Group : Dynamic Systems and Optimization

Labelling: none

Duration: 09/01/2020 - 12/31/2022


Staff involved from LARIS: Mehdi Lhommeau, Sébastien Lahaye

Project partners: Mathieu DELALLE (ESAD-TALM), Jean-René MORICE (UFR ESTHUA)



This project has received the support of the RFI OIC as a winner of the AàP "initial training" in 2020 (20 K€ of support). The objective is the creation of a new training course on the theme of "digital arts and science" involving three institutions: Polytech Angers, UFR ESTHUA and ESAD-TALM Angers.

The new course takes the form of an option entitled "artistic creation and digital technologies" within the "culture, heritage and tourism" course of the "social sciences" degree at the University of Angers.

The new 3-year post-baccalaureate course is organised into :

  • Human and social sciences teaching units (shared with the other options of the course, 384 h/e over 3 years)
  • Disciplinary and pre-professional teaching units specific to the "artistic creation and digital technologies" speciality and supervised by staff from Polytech Angers, ESAD TALM Angers and external contributors (1620 h/e over 3 years)
  • A final semester largely devoted to a work placement (4 months)