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    Séminaire LARIS - 29 mars 2016

    Séminaire LARIS - 29 mars 2016

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    Séminaire LARIS - Ghias KHARMANDA

    à 10h00 en salle du conseil à l'ISTIA

    Le 29 mars 2016

    "Integration of Optimization and Reliability into Biomechanical Studies" - (Applications on Orthopedic and Orthodontic Prosthesis Design).


    In the classical design optimization methods for implant-bone studies, a safety and satisfactory performance cannot completely be guarantee, due in part to the uncertainty of different bone properties, geometry and loading. A number of uncertainties are encountered during the prosthesis design. The integration of reliability analysis into optimization process provides design with several criteria such as safety. In fact, the prosthesis design represents a complicated design problem where both objectives and constraints are complex. In the orthopedic prostheses, when an implant is introduced, a reduction of stress is observed in some regions of the remaining bone. Our objective is to get a good homogenous target stress distribution leading to a good remodeling (healing) process. In addition, our current studies focus on the drilling surgery where the number and dimensions of the required holes are optimized. On the other hand, we develop this integration into the orthodontic prostheses in order to guarantee a good prosthesis stability of the period following the surgical operation.


    Optimization, Reliability, Design, Orthopedic Prostheses, Orthodontic Prostheses, Drilling Surgery.


    Mr KHARMANDA is currently a researcher in biomechanical studies at Lund University (Sweden) since 2013. He was nominated as Associate Professor at University of Aleppo (Syria) in 2010. He received his Docent Degree (H.D.R.) from University of Rouen (France) in 2008. He received his European PhD from Blaise Pascal University (France) and Alborg University (Denmark) in 2003. His main research interests are in the fields of design optimization and reliability (methodology innovation and industrial applications). He was the co-supervisor of four PhD theses (2006, 2007, 2008 and 2010) at INSA de Rouen (France) and a collaborator of a PhD thesis (2015) at Lund University (Sweden). In addition, he published peer reviewed works (trilanguages) in the fields of CAD/CAM/CAE, optimization and reliability and was a reviewer and editorial board member of several international journals and conferences. At Lund University (Sweden), his current research activities are focused on experimental and numerical biomechanical studies (material properties of bone and design of orthopedic and orthodontic prostheses, drilling surgery …). This work involves the bone material characterization as well as developments of efficient numerical simulation, optimization and reliability algorithms.

    Department of Biomedical Engineering, Lund University, Sweden -