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    Automotive Advanced Control Demonstrators

    Automotive Advanced Control Demonstrators

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    Open Invited Track on

    Automotive Advanced Control Demonstrators



    The integration of mechanical engineering with electronics and Automatic control, explains the spectacular advances made by motor vehicles in the last decades, concerning emissions, fuel consumption, safety, diagnosis and comfort, and will, of course, be the key to future progress too.

    Recent developments in the area of intelligent autonomous vehicles aim at performing complex navigation and motion tasks in cooperation with other vehicles, human operated systems, and its environment.



    During the IFAC World Congress’17, a focus is made on the application of Automatic control in Automotive domain, through:

    • Demonstration vehicles
    • New functions
    • Systems and equipment
    • Ground transportation systems
    • Autonomous vehicles including mobile robots.

    This Open Track will combine industrial and academic demonstrators.

    All scientific fields, methodologies and applicable technologies of automatic control are concerned:

    • Modeling
    • Control
    • Supervision
    • Diagnosis of automotive systems
    • ADAS
    • Automotive sensors and actuators
    • Power trains
    • Vehicle dynamic systems
    • Integrated traffic
    • Connected vehicles




    This is an outstanding opportunity for worldwide technology showcase on automatic control / mechatronics applications in automotive domain. This is also the opportunity to meet world experts and researchers in the domain.

    It will provide your company with an easy, affordable opportunity to present your products, services, and to directly promote your activities to your target market.


    Exhibition Modes

    Each exhibition comprises:

    - demonstrator stand: a dedicated team is in charge of the organization of this attractive exhibition and is available to help you with your specific needs required by your Demonstrator.

    • Static: Actuators, ADAS, …
    • Closed test areas
    • Urban circuit.

    - its associated scientific paper presenting the demonstrator. Demonstrator papers will have the same status as any other IFAC 2017 contribution. They can be submitted as “contributed paper”, “contributed survey paper”, or “contributed extended abstract”. Papers that fall in the demonstrator category will be presented in dedicated sessions.



    The exhibition space will be located in Francazal air base during 2 days.

    This space will operate on Wednesday 12 (9:30 - 18:00, company invitation meetings) and Thursday 13 (9:30 - 18:00, company invitation meetings and Congress members).

    On a unique site, there will be exhibition spaces for systems, meetings, private meetings (Le Manoir du Prince place), and closed test areas (800m² Francazal air base) or urban circuit (around Francazal air base) for autonomous vehicles. (see


    More information on


    Download the pdf of Open Invited Track on Automotive Advanced Control Demonstrators