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    5th Automatic Control Demonstrators

    5th Automatic Control Demonstrators

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    5th Automatic Control Demonstrators

    An IFAC 2017 special feature - from 9 to 14 July 2017 in Toulouse

    Among the innovative features of the 20th IFAC World Congress, the special demonstrator paper category associated to an exhibition of demonstrators. The goal is to promote research or educational-oriented devices, innovative prototypes and attractive transfer of technologies towards high-tech enterprises. The exhibition highlighted the future applicative trends of automation and control.

    A dedicated team was in charge of the organization of this attractive exhibition and was available to help the participants with their specific needs required by their Demonstrator. Our team of researchers have already organized four successful workshops known as “Journées Démonstrateurs” and was able to provide you with experience and expertise.

    Such event was also co-sponsored by the “EEA club” which includes a wide community of French teachers and researchers in the framework of electrical and information engineering.

    The award of "Best Demonstrator Exhibition" was presented by EEA club representative and was selected by Demonstrators organization comittee and scientific comittee.

    "Time-optimal Control for Bilinear Nonnegative-in-control Systems: Application to Magnetic Manipulation"
    Zemánek Jiří; Čelikovský Sergej; Hurák Zdeněk
    Prague, Czech Republic

    See the video here

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