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Separated by coma

Defense of Mr Nicola ESPOSITO thesis1:30 pm | Amphi A | POLYTECH ANGERS | 62, avenue Notre-Dame du Lac 49000 ANGERS

Subject : Extension of the gamma process and its application in prescriptive and condition-based maintenance under imperfect information.

Director of thesis : M. Bruno CASTANIER


Maintenance is crucial in many aspects of life, preventing costly damage and ensuring optimal operation. Academic research is striving to improve the effectiveness of maintenance, particularly in complex systems. Traditional models are based on lifetime distributions, but these can be limited by the scarcity or imprecision of failure data. Alternative approaches based on stochastic processes promise to overcome these limitations. Stochastic processes offer advantages such as the integration of technological information and the use of historical and real-time degradation data. This research activity aims to propose accurate stochastic degradation models and apply them to maintenance strategies developed on an ad hoc basis, taking into account uncertainties such as environmental hazards and measurement errors. In addition, it looks at emerging paradigms such as prescriptive maintenance, which balances system use and risk for a holistic approach to maintenance optimisation.