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Separated by coma

PhD students' seminars - Hugo REMIN14h00 | POLYTECH ANGERS |Room B106 | 62, avenue Notre-Dame du Lac | ANGERS

Subject : Robotic X-ray tomography


The main objective of the robotized X-ray tomography at CEA-Tech Nantes is to automate the taking of X-ray images for large parts thanks to two 6-axis industrial robots: one carrying the transmitter and the other the receiver. In order to carry out a complete tomography, several hundred shots are necessary. The objective of this project is to find a trajectory for each of the two robots passing through these viewpoints.
The presentation will start by presenting the context of the subject, including tomography and the robotic cell present at CEA-Tech Nantes.
Then, we will model the problem through two sub-problems:

    the Traveler's Problem (TSP) which allows to determine the shortest path passing only once through each point of a graph (whose nodes are the visit points),
    Robotic path planning which allows to create a feasible path, i.e. obstacles, for robots between two configurations

Next, we will present a state of the art of trajectory planning methods, including the RRT and PRM algorithm.
Finally, we will discuss the prospects for finding a feasible trajectory that connects all points.