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PhD students' seminars - Mandhan HIMANSHU

Subject : Motion Control of Nurse Mobile Robot using Gesture and Voice Control Technique


Himanshu Mandhan is a PhD student in Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala, India. He started his PhD thesis in October 2021 under the guidance of Dr. Nizar CHATTI (Ass. prof. in LARIS Laboratory, Polytech Angers, University of Angers ) and Dr. T.K Bera (Prof. and Head of the department in Thapar University). The PhD thesis is entitled “Motion Control of Nurse Mobile Robot using Gesture and Voice Control Technique”.

The proposed presentation will be devoted to the description of the PhD objectives, the first obtained results as well as the perspectives. First, the developed Autonomous Robotic Nurse Assistant will be presented including the objectives, Hardware/Software parts, the CAD model, the dynamic model based on Bond Graph modeling approach.

Then, the path tracking and navigation strategies that have been used during this developed work will be depicted. A short demonstration video of the developed robot will be presented as well.

Finally, an ongoing work related to Machine Learning approaches on robotics will be discussed including a presentation of the different classification paradigms. The Reinforcement Learning formalism and especially the QLearning algorithm which is investigated within this research work, will be presented.