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PhD students' seminars - Rima Al Aridi2:00 pm | Polytech Angers | room B106 | 62 avenue Notre Dame du Lac - 49000 Angers

Subject : New/Advanced Hybrid Heat Recovery Systems with integrated vortex generators - Numerical and parametric studies.


Heat recovery methods are important technique as finding a new source of energy. In this study, we perform numerical and parametric analyzes on suggested new/advanced hybrid recovery systems that involve Thermoelectric Generators (TEGs) for additional electrical power generation and vortex generators to improve heat transfer. Three main studies are held: (a) study of the effect of vortex generators on a concentric tube heat exchanger system used for liquid/liquid heat recovery heat exchangers (b) study of the performance of TEG modules inserted in a heat exchanger with vortex generators (c) study of the performance of TEG modules employed as vortex generators in a hybrid heat recovery system. The different studies are done numerically using Ansys fluent software.