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Laboratoire Angevin de Recherche en Ingénierie des Systèmes

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Séminaires des doctorants - Bérangère Daviaud14h00 | Polytech Angers | B106 | 62 Notre Dame du Lac - 49000 Angers

Sujet : Representation of Time Petri Nets using Interval Weighted Automata.


Interval Weighted Automata are a modeling formalism for timed systems that can be viewed as an alternative (more algebraic) to timed automata. We present here a way of deriving a deterministic interval weighted automaton to represent any bounded T-time Petri net subject to strong and single-server semantics. This approach consequently contributes to the characterization of the expressiveness of weighted automata with respect to other formalisms for timed Discrete Event Systems. In addition, the time language of the obtained abstraction has the characteristics of being included or equal to the time language of the T-time Petri net, and, in other words, any accessible state in the obtained Interval Weighted Automaton corresponds to an equally accessible state in the T-time Petri net. This property should allow the future use of this abstraction for the verification of properties that are expressed as an accessibility issue and/or for control.