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Condition-Based Maintenance Policy under Gamma Degradation Process

David HAN - david.han @  *

* Assistant Professor in the Department of Management Science and Statistics at University of Texas at San Antonio - UTSA (San Antonio, TEXAS - USA)


Abstract :

Condition-based maintenance is an effective method to reduce unexpected failures as well as the operations and maintenance costs. This work discusses the condition-based maintenance policy with optimal inspection points under the gamma degradation process. A random effect parameter is used to account for population heterogeneities and its distribution is continuously updated at each inspection epoch. The observed degradation level along with the system age is utilized for making the optimal maintenance decision, and the structure of the optimal policy is examined along with the existence of the optimal inspection intervals.


David Han is an assistant professor of statistics in the Department of Management Science & Statistics.  Dr. Han joined UTSA in 2009. Prior to coming to San Antonio, he completed an honors Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry and an honors Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and statistics from McMaster University in Canada. Continuing his studies at McMaster, he received a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in statistics.

His main research interests include the statistical inference for accelerated life testing in reliability and survival analysis, optimal censoring plans, and competing risk analysis. His work has appeared in peer-reviewed journals such as Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, Communications in Statistics, IEEE Transactions on Reliability, and others. During his study, he has won numerous national and institutional awards for his overall academic excellence and scholarship.

Dr. Han has taught physical and mathematical sciences over 13 years from the grade school to the university levels. His teaching specialties include probability and mathematical statistics, applied statistics, biostatistics and survival analysis. He has received the University of Texas System Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award, the UTSA President’s Distinguished Achievement Award for Teaching Excellence, and the College of Business Faculty Teaching Excellence Award.