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Maintenance resources allocation for the profit maximization

of a park of identical systems

Wen Jin ZHU  *

* Northwestern Polytechnical University de Xi'an (Chine)


Abstract :

For the park (system of systems) consisting of a set of identical systems, the mission of each time unit is shared by all the survival systems which could be overexploited to achieve the global park objective. This overexploitation is stressful for each individual system and increases its respective degradation. This leads to increase the probability of failure of the system before the next planned maintenance. Otherwise, the system can be subject to operational constraints such as the reduction of exploitation because of an excessive degradation. Such constraint could affect the overall objective. We propose in this study to analyze the problem of the maintenance resource allocation on a park of n identical systems for ensuring a given production goal on a two successive maintenance period.Each system is degrading due to cumulative load and can be totally or partially renewed only during planned maintenance. We propose to construct a simulation-based model for the profit assessment of the whole park on a given time horizon for different maintenance allocation policies given the different assumptions described above.