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Laboratoire Angevin de Recherche en Ingénierie des Systèmes

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  • VRP-REP : platform containing instances of vehicle tour problems.
  • Thom Solver: generates a graph that is topologically equivalent to the apparent contour of a smooth application of the plane in the plane.
  • Monge Solver: can be used to rigorously frame the optimal cost of a Kantorovitch transport problem.
  • MinMaxGD: development of a C++ library for the calculation of (max,+) linear systems, Scilab interface, Javascript translation for the calculation via a browser (downloads > 5000).
    Authors: L. Hardouin, M. Lhommeau, B. Cottenceau, B. Gruet
    linear (max,+) systems can be described by formal series consisting of two commutative variables describing the event and time shift operators. The MinMaxGD library allows to perform rational operations (sum, product and Kleene star) and residuation calculations on matrices of rational series. The results are systematically provided in an ultimate periodic canonical form (transient part, periodic pattern and periodicity).
  • ContainerMinMaxGD: development of a C++ library for approximate computation on (min,+) linear systems and user interface with command interpreter under Linux.
    Authors: E. Le Corronc, B. Cottenceau, L. Hardouin
    The MinMaxGD library allows to describe, in an exact way, the transfer of linear (min,+) systems by means of ultimately periodic formal series. The ContainerMinMaxGD library, developed to validate the results of Euriell Le Corronc's thesis (2011), proposes an assembly version of the MinMaxGD computations, in order to improve the computation time.
  • WBTEG Calculator: development of a C++ computational library for Weight Balanced Timed Event Graphs and command interpreter.
    Authors: B. Cottenceau, L. Hardouin, J. Trunk
    The input-output representation of linear (max,+) systems has been extended to systems described by Weight Balanced Timed Event Graphs. These systems, non-linear in (max,+), can nevertheless be described by another class of ultimately periodic formal series. The manipulation of these "new" series requires adapted computational tools. The development of this library started in 2012 (to illustrate a work published in 2014) and is still ongoing. The objective is to eventually have the same functionalities as those provided by MinMaxGD (rational operations and residuation)
  • SLAM: The Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm allows a mobile to map and locate itself in its environment. This algorithm has several remarkable properties including speed, simplicity and accuracy. The algorithm can also be used to locate multiple mobiles (typically in a multi-robot context). Finally, it can also be extended to solve kidnapping or relocation problems.
    This algorithm has been patented: "Generation of map data" for the international version and "GENERATION DE DONNEES DE CARTE" for the French patent, 2019, Philippe Lucidarme; Sébastien Lagrange, patent n° US10288425B2.


  • (Event|Time)-Variant Operator: ETVO is a set of C++ classes to compute transfer series for Weighted Timed Event Graphs and for Timed Event Graphs with partial synchronizations.
  • Vinter solver: can be used to rigorously lower bounds for an optimal control problem. Author : N. Delanoue
  • MaxplusPy: Python library for computations in max-plus algebra and max-plus automata manipulation. Author : S. Lahaye