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Laboratoire Angevin de Recherche en Ingénierie des Systèmes

Separated by coma


  • ApeROO: Learning and Operations Research for Scheduling ,
  • CEA-Tech: 3D inspection and characterisation of complex industrial parts,
  • COMERT: Coupling Maintenance Optimisation and Technician Routing,
  • DIP: SAM network project, Portable Isokinetic Dynamometer,
  • FILESMALL: RFI Atlanstic 2020 project, FILtragE Stochastic MAx-pLus Linear systems,
  • MASCOT: RFI Atlanstic 2020 project, Medical Attendant Shift Conception and OpTimisation,
  • OIC: Licence artistic creation and digital technologies,
  • ROBIBIO: RFI Atlanstic 2020 project, Bio-inspired humanoid Robot,
  • KNAPP: Use of machine learning and dynamic systems modelling for the optimisation of conveyor systems in automated warehouses.