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Laboratoire Angevin de Recherche en Ingénierie des Systèmes

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KNAPP Research Project

Use of machine learning and dynamic systems modelling for the optimisation of conveyor systems in automated warehouses.
PhD student : Mr. Paul COURTIN
PhD supervisor: Jean-Baptiste FASQUEL (ISILS group)
Co-supervisor: Mehdi Lhommeau (DSO group)
Co-supervisor: Axel Grimault (DSO group)
Industrial supervisor: S. CONJARD (Knapp France)

Start of thesis : 10/01/2019; Duration: 36 months

Group : Information, Signal, Image and Life Sciences and Dynamic Systems and Optimization

Contacts : jean-baptiste.fasquel @, mehdi.lhommeau @ and axel.grimault @


This cross-disciplinary project is part of a global approach to optimising intra-logistical processes and, in particular, the management of automated distribution and order preparation warehouses. More specifically, the work focuses on improving the performance of shuttle systems for storage and picking, by exploiting and making use of logistical and mechatronic data. This project is at the interface between machine learning and operations research.