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Laboratoire Angevin de Recherche en Ingénierie des Systèmes

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CEA - Tech Research Project

3D inspection and characterisation of complex industrial parts


Group : Dynamic Systems and Optimization

Labelling: none

Duration: 52 months (from 01/03/2021 to 30/06/2025)

Funding: Région Pays de la Loire

Staff involved from LARIS: Nicolas Delanoue, Sébastien Lahaye, Sébastien Lagrange, Hugo Rémin (PhD student)

Project partners: CEA Tech Nantes,  Gerim 2 du List, institut de CEA Tech, à Paris-Saclay


Robotic X-ray tomography offers the possibility of characterising industrial parts up to 4 metres in length and with complex geometry in 3 dimensions. It allows for multi-resolution imaging adapted to the object under study: reduction of acquisition times, increase in the life of equipment, etc. The expertise provided by the study of the impact of defects on the durability of industrial parts is particularly relevant to the MRE* sector (wind turbine blades, energy systems, etc.) and the aeronautical industry (tructure parts, composite assemblies, etc.).


The role of Laris members is to propose efficient planning algorithms for the robots while respecting the constraints of the cell: non-destruction of the object to be digitally reconstructed, positional accuracy when taking pictures, limited acceleration in order not to damage the tomography equipment.