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Laboratoire Angevin de Recherche en Ingénierie des Systèmes

Separated by coma

CARMAT Research Project

Demonstrating the reliability of the Carmat system


Group : Dependability and Decision Support

Labelling: none

Duration: 36 months (from Septembreer 2020 to August 2023)

Funding: CARMAT

Staff involved from LARIS: Mihaela BARREAU, Bruno CASTANIER, Abdérafi CHARKI, Fabrice GUERIN, Abdessamad KOBI, Laurent SAINTIS, Téodor TIPLICA, Sylvain VERRON

Project partners: CARMAT


CARMAT is currently developing a total artificial heart which can be defined as a mechatronic system. Demonstrating the reliability of such systems requires, especially for medical systems, long-term durability tests on a large number of entities to achieve a high level of confidence. This classical system-based approach could be clearly improved by decomposing the system into subsystems, introducing expert knowledge, studying the architecture of functional systems and collecting new information on reliability-related components. A first project carried out in collaboration with CARMAT and Inoprod (link to the previous project) allowed to design a global reliability demonstration methodology for the optimisation of a system level test plan based on an "a priori" system reliability evaluated on the respective reliability performances of all components.

However, based on these results, the current project consists in continuing the activities of defining reliability test plans or qualification of a system, and in particular

- Estimating the reliability of a component or system,

- Updating reliability analyses and associated documents,

- Supporting CARMAT in the certification process, particularly with the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).