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Laboratoire Angevin de Recherche en Ingénierie des Systèmes

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DIP Research Project

Portable Isokinetic Dynamometer


Group : Dynamic Systems and Optimization

Labelling: none

Duration: 2 years (2020 - 2022)

Funding: SAM network project

Staff involved from LARIS: Nicolas Delanoue

Project partners: Laurent GUILLAUMAT (LAMPI - ENSAM Angers), Pierre ABRAHAM (CHU Angers) Sylvain DURAND (MIP - Le Mans University) Romain CHAMPAGNE (Les Capucins Rehabilitation Centre – Angers), Raphaël GODET (Laval Hospital), Yoann RONZI (Les Capucins Rehabilitation Centre – Angers)



The main objective is to develop and validate a portable isokinetic dynamometer at knee level for the evaluation of patients compared to the "gold standard" (CON-TREX from Medimex of the LAVAL Hospital).

Isokinetic dynamometers are devices for evaluating different parameters such as position, joint amplitude, speed of movement, mode of contraction, force developed, volume and intensity of exercise. They allow both evaluation and rehabilitation. The disadvantages of these devices are their size, cost and the impossibility of using them in an ecological manner.




To do this, our multidisciplinary team wishes to design an exoskeleton which will have to take into account the following functionalities

  • attachment of the exoskeleton to the patient's body allowing the same exercise configuration as the "gold standard";
  • motorisation of the knee joint (to simulate a load to stimulate the extensor and flexor muscles) integrating a torque meter allowing the quality of the rehabilitation activity to be measured (measurement of torque, angular position, speed, power, etc.);
  • an adjustable exoskeleton or one requiring mouldable interface parts to adapt it to the patient's morphology;
  • a chain for acquiring rehabilitation activity parameters from the torque meter to ensure real-time and/or delayed analysis.

If the proof of concept is successful, it is planned to extend it to other joints (lumbar spine, shoulder).